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Four Paper Pockets

Papercrafting! I have been learning how to create pockets. Check out this blog post to see how to make four pockets for your junk journal!

Things you need:

  1. Four pieces of scrap paper
  2. Washi Tape
  3. Distress Ink (optional)
  4. Ink Blending tool (optional)

This is a pocket with four pockets. It was inspired by blueflowercreates on Instagram. I will link my inspiration in the button below!

I was greatly inspired by blueflower’s post! I watched their video on Instagram a few days ago and knew I needed to give this a try. I made mine from memory.


I had some random scrap paper I could use to create these pockets.


These are totally optional! I just thought it would be fun to ink these papers! I used the Tim Holtz Distress Ink Antique Linen and an ink blending tool. If you do decide you want to use the ink and blending tool I used here a link to where I ordered mine:


I inked the entire paper of each piece of scrap paper.


I lay the scrap paper on top of each other. I make it to where it will have some room for the washi tape.


And Fold!


This is the side view of me folding the scrap papers.


Put the washi tape half on and half off the papers. 


This is the back view of the half on half off washi tape.


Fold the half off washi tape down on the back side of the scrap papers.


After I folded the washi tape over to the back side, I trimmed the excess with my scissors.


I repeated the washi tape process for the right side of my scrap papers.


I repeated the washi tape process for the bottom of my scrap papers.


I then lined each pocket with washi tape!


I worked my way up my pockets lining each of them with my washi tape.


This is the front side of my pockets! The top will be the half on half off washi tape again and fold! Cut off the excess and Voila! Yay pockets!


This is the back side of my finished pockets!


These are my pockets I finished for my big junk journal I am working on now. I think it will take a while to finish!

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