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Junk Journal -Adding Signatures

Part two of my Junk Journal crafting! Go to my website to see how I bound my Junk Journal!

Items needed:

3.Wax thread
4.Clips or clamps
6.Cardboard (You can totally reuse any cardboard you have on hand! Like a cereal box! or a box from Amazon!)
7.Cutting Board-If you don’t have the bookbinding kit that I have-You may want a cutting board


This is just some copy paper I coffee dyed! It is super easy! I did a quick TikTok video on them drying! Click the button below to go see my video!

I used these pages to create my signatures. (signatures-a grouping of paper for a book usually 4 or more pages. The pages are usually folded.)


I started out with four signatures. I ended up deciding I wanted five signatures.


I created a template from a box I had in my craft room. I need a set of three holes four times.

(I only had four signatures to start out with at the beginning of my project.)

You may want a cutting board or something underneath your project to protect your table. I poked one hole at the top, one in the middle, and one at the bottom. I did this four times. Then I poked holes with my awl in my cover using my template


I forgot where I put my clips! I had a paperclip and a phone clip beside me so I used those! It worked surprisingly! I used my template and a pen to mark where my holes are going to be on my signatures. I also always use a different color pen to mark which way is up on my signatures.


These are a few of the tools I used. I am adding a link to my awl and my bookbinding kit.

I have two pens (purple and blue), an awl, and the We R Memory Keepers Bookbinding kit. I didn’t have a cutting board with me. I usually use this bookbinding kit from We R Memory Keepers to poke holes into my signatures. It doesn’t take long for me to do this. I lined up my dots on the bookbinding kit and poked the holes with my awl. You can also just poke the holes directly on the marked spots and put a cutting board underneath your signatures.

These are my affiliate links to the awl, bookbinding kit, and wax thread I like to use.


I used the pamphlet stitch to bind my signatures into my junk journal! I used Grunge Granny’s tutorial to learn how to do the pamphlet stitch. I learned it was way easy and did not take long to do! The picture above is after I got one signature sewn into my junk journal using wax thread. Below is a link to Grunge Granny’s Pamphlet Stitch video!


I had five signatures total by the time I got done sewing them into my book! This is the bottom view.


Here it is from the side! I love this so much! I am so excited to continue and keep adding to this handmade junk journal! There’s more blog posts to come on this junk journal!

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