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Moon Handmade Stamp

Ever wonder how to create a handmade stamp? I was inspired by kimchistamps on TikTok to give this a try and I absolutely love making handmade stamps.

Items you may need to make a handmade stamp:

1.Pencil (I like the regular yellow #2 pencil)
2.Tracing Paper (This paper is what I have found works best for me)
3.Rubber Blocks (If you don’t want to do that, I have seen people use big erasers from Dollar Tree)
4.Carving Tools
5.Ink Pad

I used a kit for my first Rubber Blocks and carving tools. This was easiest for me because I did not have anything! The button below is my affiliate link!

The other item I used that you may not have on hand is tracing paper. The button below is my affiliate link to the kind I used.


I traced my stamp on tracing paper to know the size of the image I want to create.


Draw an image! You can draw whatever you want to draw! Keep in mind that the smaller the image, the more intricate and difficult it will be to carve.


I chose to draw a moon and stars. I wanted to add a plant to the middle of my moon. I thought something needed to be in the middle of the moon. It looked plain without anything to me.


Center your image on the stamp block.


Be careful that your image does not move when you do this next step! Press down on the image to transfer it to the block.  You can use your finger, a bone folder, anything solid close to you to transfer the image.


My transferred image onto my stamp block. Mine turned out kinda light this time. I decided to trace the faint outline with my pencil. I do not see very well so I really need my image to be darker.


I used the smallest carving tool first. I actually bought a carving kit on Amazon. I thought this kit would be great for me to learn how to make my own handmade stamps! So far they have all turned out super cute!


Carve around the outside of your image first. Don’t press your carving tool down too hard or you will get a deep gouge. I went around my moon. Then I went around my stars.


This is what my stamp looked like when I carved around my drawing!


I wanted to save some of the stamp to make more stamps! I can make some mini stamps with that extra space I marked off on my stamp block.


Time to carve more around the images! I love these stamp blocks because they have a color change where you can see how far to carve your block. The color changes from blue to white with this one. I used both my carving tools to carve this part. A smaller tool and a bigger tool is what came in my kit from Amazon. There was also one that looked like a knife.


I cut off the excess of my block to use to make more stamps at another time! I used my cutting tool that looks more like a knife or an X-acto knife.


This is what it looked like once I cut off the excess!


Time to stamp my image! I forgot to get a picture of my ink pad. It is the basic ink pad you use for most stamps. Be sure you get good ink coverage on your stamp before you place it down on your paper. Press down on your stamp to get your image to transfer to your paper.


This is my printed image!


This is my stamp and image side by side! They turned out so cute!!!!

Kim is the one who inspired me to try to create handmade stamps. She is on TikTok and Instagram. The button above will take you to her linktree page where you can click the link to her TikTok and Instagram.

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