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Junk Journal Cover

A new adventure begins for Creban Creek! I am attempting to create a junk journal. This is going to be a big long project for me with multiple blog posts! This one is about how I created the cover. I am definitely not done with this! Let me know what you think in the comments below of how you think it is going so far!

Items used to create the cover:

1.Big cardboard
2.Bookbinding Glue (I used BrodArt)
3.Cotton Fabric
4.Bone Folder


Grab some copy paper, cardboard, chalk, and a ruler. (You don’t need the bone folder just yet)


Fold paper in half. I believe this is hamburger style. At least that is what we learned in school!


I did 1/4 of an inch from the bottom and made a mark with my chalk. The measurement is the same from the left side of the cardboard.


Okay, so I am a blondie and used centimeters on this part. I think it is 14.5 cm. This is the bottom measurement of my signature. (signature is my group of papers I will hand sew into my junk journal.)


I wanted this to be a bit bigger. The spine needs to be big because junk journals get HUGE! I ended up doing a four inch spine!


Measure the other side of the spine to 14.5 cm.


This is what the chalklines looked like when I got done measuring.


Cut out the cardboard.


Bend and crease the middle lines. Press down with the bone folder. You don’t have to use a bone folder. I just like the bone folder. It gave my project a nicer looking crease than what I would have had otherwise.


Here are the creases.


I like to use bookbinding glue for these kinds of projects. My full-time job is in a public library and I can’t see myself using another kind of glue when it comes to books. 

The next few pics are of the fabric I used. I used a cotton fabric from Hobby Lobby.  I chose this one because it was shiny and made me happy!


I put heavy things on my project after I glued it to my fabric. I did get a little too close to the top there on the left side.  Mistakes happen and I just had to go with it! Also check out that paperweight I got from Forty Two Jen! It is so pretty and it makes me happy too!


Next, cut the fabric! I cut the corners off the corners. They will look like little cute triangles!


Fold over and Glue the fabric down. This is what it should look like on the inside.


I decided I should reinforce the spine with some fabric. I saw Natasha from Treasure Books do something similar to one of her books. This should help strengthen the spine. I am expecting this junk journal to be HUGE so it will need a reinforced spine to handle the weight of a big junk journal! Also shoutout to my friend Ren owner of Grunge Granny for inspiring me to give any of these things a try! I am loving working with books and paper art.

This is what I have done so far. Do you love it? I have had a lot of fun creating this so far! I can’t wait to see the what’s next! Follow me on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest! I also have a Texting Community! Please join it too! 


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