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A Handmade Card for GEM

I made a card/book for my friend while she was still in Glasgow, Scotland for Grad School in 2015. I loved making that card/book so I decided to try to recreate the cover. I may add more to it later!

The picture above is when I was working on the G. I wasn’t sure how I did the card back in 2015 so it was kind of a trial and error. Turns out the easiest way for me was to go around once then go around again and fill in the gaps!


This is the original book I made back in 2015 for my friend GEM. She was in Glasgow, Scotland for Grad School! She seemed so far away and I missed my friend so much! I still do! She is in another state from me now!


I made this one in 2016 for another friend for her birthday. She is in another state too!

Back then I used stencils to create my letters. I traced them, poked holes with a needle, then sewed the thread!


First I tore the paper. I got fancy with this one! The paper also has some paint water on it. I accidentally spilled my paint water and it got on my paper. No worries! It gave it character!


I really liked this sticker pack so I used it this time instead of the stencils!


I chose the letters GEM from my sticker pack and centered them on my card.


I then took my awl from the WeRMemory Keepers Bookbinding kit to poke holes in the paper. I like my wood awl better but I didn’t have it handy when I was making this card.


This is green thread I found in my stash. I thought GEM would like it!


These are the needles I used in my original project back in 2015. I did not want to use them this time. I have gained some more knowledge and tools since then!


Cut the length of thread you think you need. (a lot more than you realize! But if it is too short, no worries! Just start back at the beginning of this tutorial part.) Tie a knot multiple times. Or you can thread your needle and make a knot on the back of the card.


It was difficult at first to remember how I created this! I found that the best way is to go around the letter once then go around again filling in the gaps.


This is what it will look like. I have the G and E finished. Take a look at that M. See how I am working my way around the letter? It looks like I stitch every other one. If it looks like that, you are doing it right! After I make my way around once, I fill in the gaps the second time.


This is the back of the card finished. Be sure to tie off your thread when you are finished!


Here is what the front of the card looks like finished!

What you need:

1.Cardstock is preferred because it is a thicker paper.
3.Thread (Whatever color you like)
5.Stickers or Stencils (optional)
6.Awl (optional)
7.Thimble (optional)
8.Cutting board or something heavy to poke the holes through your paper.

1. Grab your cardstock and all your supplies you may need.

2. Fold paper in half like a card.

3. I used stickers for mine so I placed the G, E, and M on my card. I spaced them as evenly as I could. You can draw them on lightly with a pencil or use a stencil.

4.I then grabbed a paper pad to put under my card to poke the holes around my letters. 

5. I originally used a needle to poke my holes through my cardstock. That took a LONG time. Also a thimble helps with this! This time I used an Awl to poke my holes around my letters.

6. Grab your thread and tie a knot several times. I ended up having to pull my thread through the first hole then going in the second hole and then tying those two together. Be sure you leave a length of thread on the back of the card if you decide to do it this way! I actually found doing it this way to be much easier!

7. Go in and out the holes all the way around your first letter. Then go around again filling in the empty spaces.

8. Repeat step 7 until all the letters have thread around them.

9. You are finished sewing! Your fun card is complete! (unless you want to add more to it like I plan to do! That may be another blog post!!!!!)

This was a pretty simple project! I hope y’all like it! Maybe you would like to give this one a try?

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