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Rough Wood Riser DIY

I wanted to create something cute to display some cute crafts! It's not very big but I love it!

Things you will need to create this cute riser:

1.Hot Glue Gun

2.Hot Glue

3.Random cute piece of wood you love!

4. Wood Finials from Amazon (Hobby Lobby or your local craft store may have them too!

5.Paint for the wood finials

6.Paint brush


Hot glue the wood finials to the bottom of your board. This is just a random piece I found when I was walking the woods with my Dad and family. My Dad is really good at making things! He built a bridge on a walking trail he made. He is/was a contractor/carpenter for a living. There’s more to that story but let’s get back to the craft! I used four wood finials to the bottom of my board. I chose the rough bark side for the bottom!


I absolutely love this! It looks so cute already! I needed to add a little more to this though!

Time for paint! I used the color Truffle by Waverly.


You could just leave the wood finials the color they come in if you wanted to do that. I thought the bare color was a little too light for me. The truffle color did the trick!


Here’s a side view of this wood riser!


How gorgeous did this riser turn out!?! I absolutely love it!


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