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This is about how I make the little secrets that go inside my handmade glimmer books inspired by Ren from Grunge Granny.

I wanted to add the cute secret surprises to the glimmer books! This is a top view of my glimmer books!

This is a little side view sneak peek of the glimmer books!

I did make a few of these tags live on Facebook! I was not feeling well that day. I definitely wanted to make more! These are a few of the items I used! I will add a list of things later on in this blog post!

I did not have any Bible verses handy to use during my live. I knew I wanted to try to use some for these tags!

I used a paper punch to punch these out of some cardstock. 

This is my first one today! I love how it turned out! It was super simple and super cute! I ripped up some scrapbook paper. I used a flower paper punch on some scrapbook paper. I attached them with washi tape. (Hidden under the flower is some scotch tape.)

This is my second one! I also used washi tape and scrapbook paper. I used a sharpie pen to draw my candlestick to represent a lamp. I thought “A candle emits light like a lamp. I did my best to draw a candle. I know I can’t quite draw a lamp yet” It turned out cute!

These two are my mini tags! They are adorable! I used that ultra thin paper with the stamps on it to do the top one. They are held on with washi tape. The second one says “wild and free” I liked the butterfly on the scrapbook paper so I wanted to be sure to show it off!

What you need:

Tags (or you can print one out or draw it and cut it out! I used a paper punch from Hobby Lobby.)

Paper Punch

Cardstock for your tags


Scrapbook Paper

Washi Tape

Optional Items:

Scotch Tape (I just used this for my flower I punched out using a flower paper punch)

Pen (I love the Sharpie Pen but there are so many fun pens out there! Use what you like best!)

printed words (use whatever you would like)

Single Hole Punch

Jute String or ribbon

Stamps of your choosing

Stamp pad

Onion Skin Paper (Mulberry Paper Sheets Art Tissue Washi Paper on Amazon)

How to make DIY tags:

  1. Punch or Cut our your tags
  2.  Rip up some scrapbook paper and set aside.
  3. Use stamps and stamp pad on Onion Skin Paper. (I also refer to this as super thin paper.)
  4. Cut out however many you want to and set aside.
  5. Pick out coordinating washi tape colors.
  6. Optional: Print and Tear out Bible verses, Quotes, or what ever you want to add to your collage on your tags!
  7. Arrange items together in a collage how you like them!
  8. You can also use a single hole punch at the top and add some jute string or ribbon! 

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