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Glimmer Books!

My friend Ren with Grunge Granny makes these beautiful Glimmer Books! She uploaded some tutorials on YouTube on how to make them! I absolutely love them!!!!! I always wanted to know how to make a book! Her instructions were clear for me to understand! I decided to make my first Glimmer Book using her YouTube tutorial videos! This is my first one!

I loved creating this Glimmer Book so much!!!!!!! This is so fun for me!!!!! I want to create more! So I have two more I just finished!!!! 

This is my little one! It is so cute! I added some surprises  in the middle of this book!

This is the big glimmer book! I was still working with the ribbon when I took this picture. 

This is the binding. It isn’t perfect but no craft is ever perfect. I choose not to worry about it! It turned out super cute!!!!

This is the Big Glimmer Book finished! I love this ribbon!

This is the back of the little glimmer book! I wanted to do something a little different to sew the ribbon on the back. This is what I came up with today! I absolutely love it and it is super cute!

This is both of them together! I absolutely love them!!!! You might find them in my shop in the next few weeks!!!! 

I wanted to add a link to my friend’s Youtube and other social medias! Click the links below to find Grunge Granny! She is the mind behind these glimmer books! Thank you so much for your tutorials! Making these books are so fun!!!! Y’all go give her a like/follow/sprinkle/thumbsup/subscribe/etc.!

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