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Pencil Holder

My family and I were out in the woods and my little girl started picking up sticks. She decided to bring them home. We wanted to figure out what to do with all of them! So we came up with making her a pencil holder!


  • Wood Box
  • Sticks
  • Something to cut the sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue
  • Brown Paint
  • Paint Brush
Paint the box brown. This is a look at my box from the top. You don’t have to paint the inside if you don’t want to paint it.

Paint your box brown! This will hide the light colored spaces behind the sticks! Let it dry.

These are the clippers I used to cut my sticks!

Cut your sticks to approximately the size of the side of the box. Then start hot gluing the sticks to the side of the box.

Put Hot Glue on the box!

Quickly put your cut stick on the hot glue on the side of the box! If you are too slow, the glue will dry and the stick won’t get stuck to the hot glue. It will then be cold glue if you are too slow.

This is my box mostly finished! (I ran out of sticks! I had to go get more to finish it out but this is the main idea!)

This project turned out super cute! I love it!!!! It is such a fun simple project! Let me know if you would give this project a try!


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